Signalling devices and communication equipment, for wheater, extreme conditions and explosion proof. Telecommunications and signaling technology in FHF, demonstrates its performance,reliability and safety in a worldwide range of industries: Oil rigs, shipbuilding, chemical and petrochemical plants, smelter plants, mining, tunneling, airports and more.

Communications Equipment

Analog phones, VoIP phones G/M-Solar


Phone accesories.

Telephone ringing, bells, and Relay Boxes resistant, weather-proof Accessories, Explosion, ExResistTel, Accessories Ferm Tel3 and Model 5241

Alarms tuners.

ISDN and GSM Alarm Marker Accessories.

Intercom station.


Acoustic signaling devices.

Bells Signalling Hooters, Electronics and Motor Sirens, Speakers Electronic Probe Ring, Pneumatic Horn.

Optical Signaling Devices.

Strobe lights, Phones, Intermittent Continuous, Multicolor LED, Solar obstruction Signaling columns and bright.

Acoustic Signaling Devices Optical.

Combined probe Strobe.

Acoustic signaling devices Optical.

Acoustic signaling devices