Often a permanent shelter, but for their ability to accommodate hundreds of people MineARC room can be a more cost effective and efficient solution for underground mines communication.


Permanent Shelter rooms.

Often a permanent shelter MineARC room can be a more cost effective and efficient solution for underground mines for their ability to accommodate hundreds of people.

They are especially beneficial for mines when:

  • Lots of staff agrees underground at the same time.
  • Excavation costs are low

The underground movement of staff generally limited to certain areas.

The rooms form a permanent shelter MineARC standard recommended infrastructure equipment, vital for the safe operation of a shelter in case of emergency:

  • Debugging CO / CO2 air
  • Cooling / dehumidification
  • battery backup SAI
  • Inverter system load
  • Secondary oxygen supply
  • Ventilation doors
  • Dosage compressed air

Series IV HRM refuge chamber.

The HRM MineARC IV series, launched in 2013, offers the latest technology for safe havens.

Known as the star system MineARC, the HRM series presents one of the refuge chambers of greater confidence in the world in both metal mines and other mines and helps protect miners in more than 50 countries on six continents.



The exclusive iVAN (Intelligent audio navigation voice, for its acronym in English) of the HRM Series IV MineARC technology represents a breakthrough in the technology of safe havens. Ivan is the assistant onboard navigation that “guide” to the occupants through operational processes and alert to changes in the environment of the camera.

  • Activated through movement
  • It can be programmed to detect changes in the environment, as the flow and pressure of the air inside the chamber.
  • It is activated at regular intervals, as with chemical replacements and gas readings.
  • The Voice is available in any language.

Shelter climate control.

The new shelter climate control (CCS) is a solution of MineARC to lost productivity related to diseases caused by temperatures in the mining industry.

The shelter climate control is an effective solution for its cost and time saving. The CCS is a fully portable unit that can be located near the underground work area and relocate as needed. The shelter minimizes downtime during breaks required by law, which usually add several hours of lost productivity per person per shift.

Standard internal features

  • Air conditioning and dehumidifier
  • Ergonomic seats
  • Interior lights
  • Storage under seats
  • Large, non-slip floor
  • Seal understanding internal temperature conservation
  • Input ports communication system
  • Disyuntor GFCI

Optional: Washing hands with soap dispenser


Waste system ENVIROLAB.

One of the most significant features of the new system is its only EnviroLAV MineARC waste treatment process.

Based on existing biological technologies currently used in two different ways waste service, the system uses aerobic and anaerobic reactions which break down the material. Inside the tank EnviroLAV sterile biological treatment, aeration micro filters work continuously to decompose the effluent, aided by the unique solution EnviroZYME MineARC.


Dog Rescue Communications System.

The communications system Rescue Dog MineARC with propagation through the earth (TTE for its acronym in English) allows critical emergency communication between the surface and the underground operation, when all other systems failed.

With a minimum fixed support infrastructure, the Rescue Dog is able to communicate directly through the earth at distances up to 1524 meters (5000 feet).

  • It requires no conventional infrastructure
  • Communicates through rock <1.524 m
  • Portable and lightweight (10 kg)
  • Design robust
  • Simple and quick to mobilize
  • Links up to 16 underground units
  • Available for several languages
  • Proven and tested in underground mines

Bolt cutter.

Traditionally, the task of cutting rock bolts and anchor bars was a dangerous procedure with many challenges, with security problems associated with the use and operation of grinding and cutting oxygen.

The cutter hydraulic bolts MineARC has been developed in collaboration with the biggest mining companies and their contractors to be safe, easy to use, lightweight, and at the same time provides the power required for cutting rock bolts in less than 20 seconds.

  • Safe, fast and easy to use
  • Standard working pressure: 4000psi
  • Maximum operating pressure: 8000psi
  • Made of lightweight aluminum 10.5 kg
  • Removable handle
  • Two operators
  • Quick couplings
  • Pneumatic pump

Smelly Gas unit.

The malodorous gas is used in ventilation systems and emergency evacuation alert. The pungent smell disperses quickly throughout the underground mine to alert workers about impending danger. The unit MinaArc smelly gas is designed to be installed in noisy places where the alarms can not be heard. In an emergency, the unit defined emanate an intense smell that indicates you should proceed to the immediate evacuation. Spare cylinders can be purchased through local representatives of MinaArc.


  • Easy installation
  • Scattering line 15 m range from installation point
  • Gas system double cylinder provides 100% support
  • Steel cabinet with reflective signage and peephole meter
  • Pressure gauge gas content
  • Pipes and stainless steel valves
  • Inviolable stamps
  • Spare cylinders available through MineARC

Hyperion line MAXL-HYPNOTIC Mining Lamp with Cable

Small and powerful, the MACL-hypn-C Hyperion MineARC line is a super-lightweight and compact lamp mining capacity of 11,000 lux and lasts up to three hours more than traditional Ni-CAD.

  • Thin and light battery
  • 11,000 lux LED bulb
  • Control button
  • Chargers Bank and multicargadores available
  • 16 hours of illumination

Rack for loaders

The racks for boots Minarc mining lamps are designed for maximum flexibility and security. Our “modular” multi-arm racks allow a complete solution, adding rows as needed. They come in freestanding units or wall-mount or dashboard.

  • Modular design
  • Rows of 6 points
  • Racks Wall mount or dashboard
  • Simple chargers are also provided bank

Cordless Hyperion Cap Lamps

Wireless cap lamp leverages key attributes resistant strength, durability and reliability of the Hyperion range while providing the additional benefits of a more compact lightweight construction, free wireless design and the convenience of fast charging from any source energy that will accept a standard USB connection.

  • Compact design
  • Long battery life Li-Ion
  • Easy button operation
  • Waterproof (IP68)
  • Durable casing antistatic
  • Indicator of battery charge
  • Protection against electrical shorts
  • 2x LED auxiliary