The Cardox System is both versatile and safe for silo cleaning, clearing of build-up, blockages and rock excavation. It has been proven to many as the most EFFICIENT, RELIABLE and COST EFFECTIVE method used today.

With Charging unit, tubes can be filled with liquid  CO2  in less than a minute.

CARDOX instantly produces a powerful force, using carbon dioxide, breaking the material through natural cracks and fractures expelling the material away from the rock or concrete mass..


  • Fully approved by the UK Department of Health and Safety
  • Nonexplosive Ranked
  • No permit required for use or transportation
  • No license required for import
  • No special store
  • Immediate return to the workplace
  • Instant results
  • Indefinite useful life
  • No shock waves or vibration damage
  • It can be activated in series
  • Vertical & Horizontal load
  • It can be used under water