Nowadays, THIELE group produces 5000 different chains and accessories. We aim to be a leader in innovation and technology chains, and Company’s history has shown that several times. We are continually researching new technology skills and materials, in order to develop lighter, stronger and safer products.

Round chains.

Flat chains

Strings Ensemble

Chain Connectors

Flight bars.

Suspension chains.

Grade 80.

Superior XL.

Superior XL.

Stainless Steel Chains.

Bunker Discharger.

Clinker Conveyor.

Bucket Conveyor.

Silo Discharge Conveyor.

Apron Coveyor.


Filter Discharge Conveyor.

Troughed Chained Conveyor.

Cooling Water Purification.

Repair and maintenance Equipment.

Coal Feeder.

Boiler Ash Conveyor.

Fly Ash Conveyor.


Gypsum Conveyor.

Bunker Discharge Conveyor.